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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Half Project - Thermal Imaging

The other day I undertook an effort to scan the entire house with a Fluke Ti32 thermal imaging camera.  The good news... no bad news.  I didn't find any major issues.  I had hoped to run these scans when there was a large difference between inside/outside temps so that any issues would be more apparent, but the day I could get the camera the outside temperature was about 15 degress below the inside temp.  I have arranged to get the camera again during the summer.

The Fluke software is really nice in that it allows for a lot of post processing of images.  I really like that you can overlay the thermal image on the visible light image so it's easy to see where the picture was taken.

This is the backdoor leading into the garage.   The bottom seal could use a little work.  It's very obvious where the cat plucks at the seal in the lower left corner.

I was surprised to see how the windows looked.  This is a window on the north side of the house at 10am.  Outside temp was around 50.  All of the heat loss appears to be right around the edge of the window.  All of the windows had this same look.

The insulation on the water heater appears to be good.  Tank temp is kept at 120 and most of the outside of the tank is around 68.  The base is around 80 and it appears that the connection between the tank and the geothermal heatpump could use a little more insulation.

Looking straight up at the roof ridge.  Can you guess which is the south facing roof?   Outside air temp was 50, attic temp was 55.

Next step is to fix the few minor issues that I found.

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