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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heating the septic tank

The TED 5002-G that I installed in early Jan has got me thinking about a lot of things.  The other day when taking a shower it dawned on me that all that money I spent heating hot water really did go right down the drain.  It takes < 5 secs for the water to leave the shower head and enter the drain at which point all it does is heat the septic tank.  There must be a better way!   If only I could recover that heat to preheat the cold water going into the water heater.

I got online later that day and found a graywater/drainwater heat recovery product.  The GFX website is web design hell, but it or a product like it should be required by code for all new building installations.  Lord knows the builders aren't going to install it just because it should be.

Green Gate Guest House has a really good article on the one they installed.

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  1. Hi, great effort to reduce energy usage, I hope to do the same. Just to let you know GFX does have a new website at
    I have no experience with drain water heat recovery but it definitely makes sense.